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What are Quality Control processes that Manufacturing Industry can have?

Quality Control Process

We all know that to retain a customer in such a competitive world is not so easy. To retain a customer, we have to work on many aspects to make sure customer satisfaction, out of which quality is one of the major aspects for which we must have quality/inspection process in place.

To start with let’s understand about quality control (Quality Manufacturing). Quality control is a process of ensuring that we are producing goods or products as per the customer’s specification or expectation.

Let’s discuss the different way in which quality inspection is carried out.(You can also call it as checkpoints)

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Incoming or Receipt Inspection :-

In this process, material or components that we receive from the supplier or third-party is evaluated against specifications. The purpose is that to prevent the defective components being supplied to the production line and save further time and loss. Inspection is generally carried out as 100% inspection (Inspecting every part) or Sampling. In sampling, we take random samples as per the lot size for inspection. The basis for acceptance of lot is AQL (Acceptable Quantity Limit). Sample size as per Lot Size and AQL are predefined in Sampling Plan.In this process, specification values are recorded based on which vendor or supplier performance can be evaluated.

In-Line Inspection –

In this process, parameter or specification which we produce at every workstation is inspected. Products are inspected as per the Control Plan mentioned for each workstation This is the periodic process like once per shift. Here again, the samples are taken and inspected and specification values (readings) are recorded. The purpose is to have continuous monitoring of production from the quality perspective.In the case of deviation,production can be stopped till the time problem is resolved. A reason for deviation can be a Machine, Tools, Procedure.

Outgoing or Final Inspection-

This is the last stage where we ensure that all the specifications of the finished product are per customer need. It can 100% or based on sampling. This process ensures that all the necessary action from the quality point of view during the complete cycle of procurement and production has been taken care of and material which we supply to the customer is per their expectation.

Patrol Inspection –

Nature of this inspection is like auditing which is carried out by skilled inspectors randomly.

Storage Inspection –

This inspection is carried out for the products which are stored and having the shelf life,like powder,paint etc. This ensures that material is in good condition and can be used for production.This can be done on the periodic basis.

There are several benefits of the Quality Control process which I have in the diagram below.













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